Founded in 1974, P.F. Industries Inc.  is a company specialized in the 2nd softwood (spruce – fir) transformation, dedicated to the outdoor fencing market, mattress manufacturing industry and the precise cut to size lumber components market.

The management teams have, throughout the past 40 years, made some alliances with strategic suppliers, resulting in the increase of our exceptional clientele, as well as a growing devoted and professional team of employees.


Collaborate with our clients and be partners with our suppliers


1. Integrity
We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity with our customers, our partners and our employees to establish long-term personal and business relationships. This criterion is a guide in our professional daily practices, focusing on respect, transparency and equity.

2. People of action
We are people of action and our ultimate goal is to surpass ourselves in facing new challenges. We favor initiative, perseverance and our capacity to adapt to changes.

3. Profitability
Training and developing our employees will help us to reach our growth objectives and financial profitability. Each team member of the organization must thrive to deliver optimal performance while contributing to the success of our company.

4. Our Team
Our team is our strength. Their well-being will be assured by a secured and stimulating environment. Our objective is to create an active team spirit, ensuring an interrelation and a good possibility of advancement.

5. Client satisfaction
An awareness of our customers’ desires and needs will lead to an improved quality product, including a certain flexibility and a personal reliability and at the same time, fulfilling their expectations. Our clients’ satisfaction for our products constitute our pride and urges us to constantly innovate and compete.

6. Our Responsibilities
We all are an important constituent part of our results and success. Every member of the group must assume the responsibility of his actions and accept constructive criticism. The proper management of our own competences and talents is part of our individual responsibilities. We believe in being a good corporate citizen.